We’re excited to announce AWS Container Workshop with AWS Container Hero Sandip Das and AWS Community Leader Dipali Kulshrestha to take you on a tour about AWS ECS during this AWS Community Day India 2020

In this 4-hour long online workshop, you will learn how to manage and scale container-enabled applications by using Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). We will explore the challenges of running containerized applications at scale and provide guidance on creating and using Amazon ECS to develop and deploy containerized microservices‒based applications. In the hands-on exercises, you will use Amazon ECS to handle long-running services, build and deploy container images, link services together, and scale capacity to meet demand. We will also discuss how to run container workers for asynchronous application processes.

You’ll gain experience with AWS services like AWS EC2, ECR, ECS, Fargate, App Mesh, CodeBuild. Below is a broad list of things covered in the workshop.

  1. Containerize Applications and upload Docker image in AWS ECR
  2. Create ECS Cluster
  3. Task Definition (with with an image from ECR and from Docker Hub)
  4. Running / Scheduling Standalone Task
  5. Configuring and Running Services with Load balancing and Auto Scaling (including Capacity Provider)
  6. Advance Auto Scaling with ECS
  7. Running Tasks and services with Fargate
  8. Using ECS CLI / copilot

Pre-requisites for the workshop

  • Active Internet Connection
  • Active AWS Account
  • Basic understanding of Containerization and AWS Services like IAM, EC2
  • Basic knowledge of NodeJS/any programming languages. Demo application will use NodeJS

This workshop is for

  • Developers
  • System administrators
  • Solutions architects