We are thankful to Jeff Barr, Swaroop Hegde, Yogesh Sharma, Kapil Gambhir, Tushar Gupta, Swapnil Jakhetia, Mike Chambers, Abesh Rajasekharan, Mayank Raj, Sapna Singh, Vijay Nirmala Gopal, Srushith Repakula, Vijaya Sagar Vinnakota & Arpit Malani for being our esteemed speakers for the AWS Community 2020 India Virtual Edition day.

We are thankful to all are curious viewers who watched the live stream with a will to learn, keeping hands on their keyboard and asking the tough questions for clarity on the subject.

We are thankful to all the workshop organizers for a clear cut session presenting in an easy and understandable way.

We are thankful to all the volunteers who took out their time from there work hours and made their way in making presentations, banners, blogs and marketing error-free.

AWS User Group India organised AWS Community Day 2020 India Virtual Edition as One Nation, One Community from 16th October to 17th October 2020.