Mayank Raj is currently a Solution Architect at Cactus Labs, India. Mayank will be presenting a session on “Serverless Cron with Second level Schedule and Conditional flow” from 02:00 PM - 02:45 PM Track 2 on 16th October 2020 at AWS Community Day India 2020.

Cron jobs are used everywhere i.e. from scripts that run the data pipelines to the automated cleanup of the development machine, from cleaning up unused resources in the cloud to sending email notifications that will be run using AWS Lambda—a serverless computing service that abstracts away machine management and provides a simple interface for task automation.

AWS Lambda with its pay-per-use model, pay for the compute time used by the Lambda applications. For short-lived tasks, this can generate significant savings. Also get metrics, anomaly detection, and easy-to-use secrets management right out of the box.

Tune into the session!

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